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Learner's Warned

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is advising customers to avoid copycat websites and save money by coming to the agency directly. Copycat websites offer to book theory and practical driving tests, and can appear to be the official agency, but charge a premium for their services. Some websites also charge for 'pass protection' with the promise of a free re-test that very few customers would ever qualify to use. Some companies charge up to £30 for just booking a test.

In response to complaints from DSA, the Advertising Standards Authority has ordered a number of websites to remove wording that could mislead consumers into thinking they were using the official booking service. The Citizens’ Advice Bureau can tell you about any course of redress open to you in your case if you’ve used an unofficial booking website.

Book Direct

Going to DSA directly can save money and gives you instant confirmation of your driving test appointment. You can book a theory test at www.gov.uk/booktheorytest, and a practical driving test at www.gov.uk/bookdrivingtest.