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Here are just some of the students who have learnt to drive and passed their theory and practical tests with the help of Pass with Patchett. If you've passed with me, it would be great if you could leave feedback through our contact request form.

Five years ago, I wanted to learn to drive. Stuart was recommended to me by another of his learner drivers. I was incredibly nervous in the front seat of a car and couldn’t even sit in the driving seat with the engine running because of an accident when I was younger.

Stuart never once made me feel foolish for being afraid or for being a mature learner and his calm, patient nature gradually built up my confidence.
I passed my test first time with flying colours, despite the fact that I was eight months pregnant!

I have recommended Stuart to all of my friends and family, and early next year he will also be teaching my son.

Niki Toyne aged 35

I learnt to drive with Stuart just over 2 years ago. Having had no previous experience, I was a nervous driver and needed a friendly person to help put me at ease behind the wheel. Stuart was a great instructor - he was very patient, making everything as simple as possible for me to learn. He was always very supportive and dedicated and as a result I quickly became more confident and within a few months passed my test. I would recommend Stuart to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Samantha Wilson

Stuart is an excellent driving instructor. He is very calm and patient, and provides structured, well planned lessons. Stuart put me at ease straight away, from my first lesson to when we were driving and waiting in the test centre. I passed first time and would highly recommend him; my younger brother is currently having lessons with Stuart.

Sally Hardy

I can honestly say I highly recommend Stuart to anyone who is looking for a friendly, helpful, all round fantastic driving instructor. When I started my lessons naturally I was nervous. Stuart is easy to get on with and I felt very comfortable learning to drive with him enabling my confidence to soar. I will always remember that special day when I passed my test - thank you Stuart for helping me gain that great achievement in my life.

Nicola Wills

Despite my nervous disposition for driving, Stuart got me through the test, via many obstacles (such as my initial inability to reverse, lack of clutch control and confidence) I faced along my journey...even though I might have driven most other instructors round the bend, Stuart's patience, calmness and guidance, helped me reach the final destination of passing my test.

Ruth Whetton

Stuart Patchett taught me to drive 7 years ago at the tender age of 17. From the minute I sat in his driving seat I knew I was going to enjoy my lessons with him; he filled me with confidence and never once made me feel like a learner driver. I passed my test 1st time after about 20 lessons and found Stuart to be a lovely chap and would recommend him to any learner driver. He also taught my younger sister to drive.

Chloe McIntosh

My brother was the first to recommend Stuart to me as a driving instructor, and as soon as I picked up the phone to speak to Stuart I could understand why. He was extremely friendly and showed how flexible he is so I could fit my life around when lessons were suitable for me.

When starting my initial lessons, it wasn’t a strictly student teacher bond, although Stuart was very professional in his work, he was immediately my friend helping me understand how to drive effectively and safely for the rest of my life.

The best thing about learning with Stuart must have been the fact he never got angry or mad. Many of my friends subsequently taking lessons at the time would tell me about tutors shouting at them when they went wrong. Whereas Stuart was the opposite, he’d be calm and give constructive criticism in how to improve my techniques and ultimately pass my test.

All in all, I would like to say a BIG thank you to Stuart for helping me to pass my driving test. He was very supportive when I was nervous, and a good laugh meaning no boring lessons! I would highly recommend Stuart as not only will he help to pass your driving test but will set you up to safely drive throughout the rest of your life!

Thank you Stuart!

Emma Patchett (no relation!)

In the lessons I have had with Stuart, I have found him to be a very fun, patient and informative instructor, no matter how much you stall the car. All in all a brilliant experience!

Joe Farr

Stuart Patchett is a wonderful driving instructor and is always patient and gives clear and concise instructions. He makes the lessons very enjoyable and I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Emma Relf

Stuart instantly made me feel at ease in my first lesson with him and every lesson thereafter my confidence grew when out on the road with him. The lessons were very reasonably priced and the teaching and experience I received in exchange was invaluable.

Learning to drive was a daunting prospect, but Stuart explained everything, answered any questions and helped me through the problems/ obstacles I encountered! I enjoyed driving with Stuart and the laughs we had made them more enjoyable! There is no doubt that Stuart is the best man for the job!

Adam Saundby

As mentioned by my sister Sally, I started learning to drive with Stuart on my 17th birthday (23rd April) and passed first time with two minors on the 21st December. Stuart handled my mishaps very well, even when I forgot my basic road safety, and the time when I missed third gear and put it in first instead. Stuart knows how to handle such situations, focussing on the present and not past mistakes. Although I never put it in first again like that!

Very good. Thoroughly recommended.

James Hardy

I didn't take to driving all that well. Being more of an academic person it was so much easier to think what to do in my head, my feet had other ideas! It took me a long while to get used to the pedals, and my feet doing as they were told but once I got going there was no stopping me.

It took me three attempts to pass; nevertheless Stuart was constantly cheering me on and never let me forget that I could do it.

I can't thank Stuart enough, it wasn't just that he was patient with me, explained things well and kept my confidence up. It was also how supportive he was. Never in the world would I go back and go with a different driving instructor, sounding like a groupie aside - he truly is wonderful. He talks to you throughout so you always feel at ease. Even though I’ve passed, I know Stuart is always there if I get worried or have any burning questions.

I really feel as though I made a friend along my journey to freedom. It's strange to think how when I first contacted Stuart, I was a bit apprehensive because he was a guy and I wondered if I would be better with a girl but it just clicked.

If I was to say one thing to you, looking for a driving instructor, I would praise Stuart until my death bed, he's just so amazing at his job.

Thank you so much for everything, you never let me down, always helped me to believe so I never gave up and you were there whether things went to plan or not. And that's all I can ask for really!


After arriving in England over 4 years ago I have finally received my British Driving License. It took me 2 years just to get up the courage to decide and call someone for help.

You see we Americans drive on the other side of the road, don't have all the roundabouts you have here, signs are different, the vehicles are different as far as the steering and pedals on the right side and the gear shift is on the left, and so much more.

Stuart was just the Instructor I needed. He has been very kind, patient, calm and brave trying to teach an old dog new tricks. But he pulled it off. He was very flexible with my work schedule, which was a hard task.

I have told everyone about Pass with Patchett and will continue to do so. He is a 5 star instructor.

Pat Housham

I started with Stuart having taken a fair bit of time out from driving with another instructor. His calming style of tuition gave me confidence from day one and his end of lesson feedback made it clear how I was progressing and where I should look to improve. Stuart's attention to detail leading up to my test day meant I knew exactly what to expect in each part of the assessment, making the experience far more relaxed than I expected it to be. Lessons with Stuart were the first time that I have enjoyed driving and I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.

Mark Marshall

I started to learn to drive when I was 18, failed my test twice and never carried on as I did not get on with the Instructor. 15 years later I decided to try again but didn't know who to go with. Stuart was recommended and I'm glad he was. He is patient and put me at ease on my first lesson. It took me 5 attempts to pass. That was nothing to do with Stuart it was all me. Stuart kept me going and told me I could do it. I would highly recommend him he is very good.

Thank you Stuart.

Sam H

Stuart was recommended to me by my brother and it didn’t take me long to realise why! His calm manner and patience immediately set me at ease, giving me the confidence to believe in my own ability and face everything ‘head on’! Throughout the learning process, Stuart always encouraged me and gave plenty of constructive criticism and I could really tell a difference in my driving, even after a few weeks. I have to praise Stuart for simply putting up with me, as there were a lot of teething problems in mirrors, speed and indication, however when taking my driving test I didn’t get minors for any of these, so his methods work!!! His sense of humour and enthusiasm really went towards a great learning experience and he even came out in my own car with me after I’d passed, now that’s dedication! One final thing…grade what? Grade 5-that’s why you should have Stuart as your driving instructor!!


Stuart is a great tutor, the atmosphere which he creates is perfect for putting nerves at rest so you can feel confident behind the wheel. When you do make a mistake he doesn't shout but lets you know where you went wrong and how to improve. And when you do make a mistake it’s done and in the past; Stuart won’t keep mentioning it, which helps to keep it from your mind so you can move on and concentrate on driving. It was a great experience which Stuart makes fun and I would recommend Stuart to anyone.

Ashley Patchett (no relation!)

I would recommend Stuart to anybody. He instantly puts you at ease when you're in the car and supports you as much as he can. His style of teaching fitted me perfectly and this is the main reason I passed. Stuart is a friendly and knowledgeable instructor who also has a good sense of humour as I found out on my lessons. His explanations of manoeuvres and tips to do them were brilliant and I won't be forgetting them.

Keep up the good work Stuart and thanks for all your help!!!

Sam Gosiewski aged 19

I would highly recommend Stuart as a driving instructor. He is very patient and puts you at ease straight away. He is flexible and worked around my school hours, even starting some lessons at 7.30am. The lessons are very reasonably priced and I now feel I am a confident driver due to Stuart's excellent tuition.

Sam Beresford

From the very first lesson Stuart put me at ease and I would highly recommend him. I felt confident getting into a car and driving with Stuart whereas before I felt nervous before I even set foot in the car. Lessons are tailored around you and unlike some instructors who use stickers for turning points etc Stuart teaches using techniques you can use in other cars. After I passed my test I was confident enough to get insured and drive another car straight away. I can't recommend Stuart enough.

Sheryl Farrar

I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. I took lessons with another instructor but my nerves and lack of confidence got the better of me and i stopped. A few months later i decided to try again upon searching for driving instructors i found Stuart and i am so glad i did as he instantly made me feel at ease.

I was a very nervous driver and found the negative in everything but Stuart taught me to believe in myself and my driving ability. He always took the time to go over things with me and answer any questions i may have had. He never let me give in even after failing my driving test he encouraged me to keep going. I cannot thank Stuart enough for getting me through my test I now feel I am a confident driver due to Stuart's excellent teaching. Thank you.


Learning to drive with Stuart has been a great experience. He’s a calm, patient instructor and from my first lesson, I never felt nervous being behind the wheel. Stuart’s lessons are planned to suit you because he always asks what you would like to achieve at the beginning and how you feel at the end. His way of teaching is easy to understand and no matter how many times I stalled the car, he was dedicated and stuck by me until the day I passed my test. I passed first time and on the day of my test, Stuart was very supportive and kept me calm. Stuart would be my first recommendation to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.

Laura Seaton aged 17

For most people, the prospect of learning to drive is incredibly exciting. However for me, the mere thought of getting behind the wheel was something I was dreading; but from my very first lesson with Stuart, my confidence started to gradually grow. He was really patient with me and had a variety of ways to explain things if I didn't understand them on the first attempt. Five months of lessons later, and I've grown into a competent and confident driver, largely due to Stuart's guidance and calm approach. Being able to chat and feel at ease with a driving instructor was one of my main criteria when choosing one, and I couldn't recommend Stuart more in this respect. The lessons were also very reasonably priced and he gave me lessons in my own car (which I chose to take my test in). I hope you can have an equally successful experience with Stuart! Thanks again for your help.


I never thought I would be able to pass my driving with such confidence but Stuart has helped me overcome any fear I had at the start and now I’m free to drive where I like. Stuart is kind and a good tutor for learning how to drive, he never gets mad or flustered and is always able to help you get passed any stress that you may encounter while driving; I would recommend him to anyone.

Joshua Potter

I absolutely loved having Stuart as a driving instructor! He was always patient and he'd always give good constructive criticism and feedback after each lesson to make sure I could progress and learn from mistakes as each lesson went on. He's very professional and lessons are very well priced but he's also very lovely and puts you at ease from day one. Stuart is ace, thank you once again for helping me pass my test first time!

Lizzie Goddard

I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone starting to learn to drive. He is very patient and makes you feel at ease when you're behind the wheel. Stuart is very friendly, yet professional and I've loved having him teach me how to drive. Thank you Stuart!

Robyn Steeper

I started my driving lessons with no experience whatsoever, Stuart was very patient and taught me through the basics calmly and clearly. Never getting annoyed with my lack of confidence, Stuart let me do everything at my own pace and allowed me to take my time. He made me feel very at ease and is very chatty and comforting. I passed on my second time and Stuart was just as happy as I was! Highly recommend!

Hannah Langton

In all honesty I do not believe that I could have had a better driving instructor. Stuart is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and, most importantly, patient. I would certainly recommend Stuart Patchett to anyone wishing to learn how to drive or simply wanting to freshen up on any driving skills.

Emma Robinson

Stuart Patchett: is he the best driving instructor in the area? I think so! From the first moment I got in the car with him I knew that I had made the right decision to trust him to teach me to drive safely. We started our journey on the afternoon of my 17th birthday in January and today (4th April 2017) I passed (first time!) with Patchett, 40 years to the day after he passed his driving test. I hope that I am still driving to the high standard that he's taught me in 40 years time! Thankyou Stuart, it was the best fun having driving lessons with you.

Lily Blades

I have recently passed my test with Stuart after spending a few months with him. He is a very patient instructor and has been encouraging and supportive throughout all of my lessons, including the ones that didn't go to plan. I think the best part of having Stuart as your instructor is knowing how much he believes in his students' ability, which is both comforting and reassuring when you take the test. I have enjoyed my time with him and would recommend him to other learner drivers who need someone friendly, patient and supportive next to them in the car.

Bronwyn Isherwood

From my first lesson Stuart created a calm and comfortable learning environment which put (a very nervous) me at ease. Since then he has not only taught me the essential skills to become a safe driver, but also built up my confidence to the point of taking and passing my test. Stuart was always patient despite the fact I have no sense of direction and taught me how to learn from my errors instead of getting angry about them. I could not have asked for a better driving instructor to provide me with the ability and confidence to drive independently.

Abby Marshall

It was my first time driving, Stuart was patient and took it at my own pace, allowing me to guide him on what we developed in some of my later lessons. I would highly recommend him to others for he is a friendly driving instructor who I was able to feel at ease with. Many thanks.

Jemma Purdy

After a bumpy start to driving, Stuart helped me to relax at the wheel and to enjoy driving. I passed first time with Stuart after lessons that built my confidence and understanding of the road. Thank you Stuart for giving me my independence.

Jodie Renaud