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What You Need First

As a new driver, you must have a provisional driving licence before you can take driving lessons. You can apply for your provisional licence up to two months before it becomes valid, but you must not drive on the road before the day of your 17th birthday.

Fortunately, getting a provisional licence is a simple process and usually takes just a few weeks! You can apply online via the DVLA website or by completing a D1 application form.

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Show Me, Tell Me

The DSA show me, tell me questions are to test your knowledge on basic car maintenance and safety. The questions are at the start of the practical test and answering any of two questions incorrectly will gain one driving test fault. The  test examiner will ask you two questions; one show me question and one tell me question. There are 19 different questions, which can be asked in 18 different combinations.

Below are examples of what you may be asked:

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Theory Test Pro

Practice your theory test online with the guidance of Stuart Patchett and Theory Test Pro. Theory Test Pro's online facility has everything you need to prepare for and pass your driving theory test. Get full access to all the licenced DSA test material including full test question bank, hazard perception video clips and an online Highway Code.

I can provide guidance and can also see your practice test results, allowing me to suggest areas to focus on.

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The First Lesson

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can seem quite daunting. Don't worry, no-one's expecting you to drive off onto a busy road the first time you get behind the wheel. Your first lesson will introduce you to the controls of the car and get you familiar with them.

I will make sure that you are in a quiet area before you actually have to do anything at all. Initially, you'll probably get to have a go at getting the car rolling just a few yards down the road and then to a stop.

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